These instructions have been up for a bit, but busy with other things. Finally got to them today. I am doing two quilts. Only will be only one block and the other will be four blocks. Did not want to bite off more than I could accomplish. I am so glad I decided on this size. Quite frankly I am tired of these blocks. Cannot imagine doing more for a larger quilt. 

I do have an inspector that comes by time to time. Mostly he is looking for my water glass for a drink and to knock it over. Whiskers is about 13 yrs old. 

Inspection of the house took place yesterday and awaiting the results. We are fearful that the buyers will have a long list of things they want done, despite that it is a 10yr old home and will not be perfect. We have kept it in great shape. This is our dream home we built so it has many personal touches. So we wait…. I did get a movie, dinner ( German sauerbraten potato dumpling , red cabbage and an old fashion drink) out of the deal. We even did some clothes shopping and then to church. Anything and everything to keep this out of our mind for the day. Our plan is not to spend a lot of money fixing the laundry list, only the most serious issues if any. So we may or may not be moving soon. Being patient as our sermon theme was last evening.

Today has been successful trying to sell items. We are moving right along in our downsizing plan. Items going to people who will put them to good use. That makes me happy.

Happy Quilting!