Hannah officially installed as 4 yr old Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher

Early morning for us to wake up for 2hr. drive to Morrison Zion Ev. Lutheran church/school. What a warm and inviting congregation they are, making us so welcome. It was a warm day but a very important day for Hannah and us. As a family we were present and her cousin and god parents were also present. The congregation served a wonderful lunch and we got to speak with many members. We saw Hannh’s classroom which she already has spent over 11 hours per day just figuring out what she had. The previous teacher had been there 20 yrs.  She still has a long way to go and also needs to plan out her school year. Apparently open house is in two weeks. A lot of purging of materials and things need to be done. Little room for storage. We were told that her classroom was the original room for the one room school years ago. Two of the window now present were the enterances for the students. Boys thru one door and girls thru the other. Luckily her room has air conditioning as does most of the school. She has tried to sort items but has so much to do. I hope that this does not overwhelm her. I guess plenty have offered help and told her to use their assistance. While she may have an idea of what she wants, she may need to settle on the important things and adjust throughout the school year. I am sure she was trained very well and will know what to do. It is those beginning steps that are often the hardest. I met several of her peer teachers and they are wonderful and so happy she was called to this school. I am sure they will be very supportive of her needs. 

Clockwise…Hannah, myself, Uncle Kevin,Aunt Patti, Dan (dad), Abigail (sister), Cherith (sister) and Seth (cousin)

Hannah will be very well loved here, so happy for her and I am sure she will be awesome at teaching God’s Word to his little lambs.