Accepted offer has arrived!

With offers flying and counter offers today was certainly interesting. This morning began with condo offer counter offers one remaining with seller this evening. This afternoon we got the acceptance of an offer to purchase our home. Inspection set up for next Wednesday. So things beginning to move a bit. Today was spent listing a few items for sale and going thru Christmas things. I have it narrowed down to about 3 boxes. The rest for yard sale or to our local high school resale shop. One of the boxes has my girls art work from kindergarten to 4 the grade. Since they were year after year they had many of the same projects. I took pictures and gave Hannah her’s as she might use them in some of her school projects. We will miss the views and quiet, but really is for the best if the condo works out. One day at a time. Tomorrows project will be the storage area in basement that includes my quilting stuff. Also putting some things aside for our home in AZ.

Tonight work on other border. And yes found the missing block!!!

Happy quilting!