365 Challenge Quilt grows to the left


Well as promised I spent last evening sewing the light blocks together and adding them to the center quilt. This is going to be an awesome quilt all hand sewn. This is laid out downstairs so I need to work on this daily so I don’t loose any blocks. Have not found the missing block, so may need to draft one.


We signed the counter offer and are awaiting buyers signatures due today by midnight. Should be no reason it does not go thru, but one never knows. We will know about our condo sometime tomorrow. This has gotten us going again looking at all our stuff. If this all goes thru we will be moving prior to end of August. Waiting a bit to pack up quilting stuff. I have what I want and it is sort of sorted. Today I think I will go thru the “Christmas stuff”. Ornaments will be difficult as we will not have the large Christmas tree. However want to keep a few semential items. Might need to hide those pretty good from spouse. While my daughters are not ready to get some of this stuff now there is the future. I do have one large box of their baby stuff/toys I have selected to give them in future.

Daughters will be home next 2 weekends due to Hannah’s installation into teaching and following weekend a family wedding. Then my mom turns 80 so birthday celebration that weekend. That does not leave too many weekends until potential move. But have to go step by step and not get ahead of ourselves. 

So happy quilting…for me continued downsizing possessions. 🙂