Home to home

Off the Marquette,WI to see a condo that we liked very much. Built 2 yrs ago, but housing issue let to it not being bought. So basically all new, never lived in. We are attracted to the condone to wood ceiling, granite countertops, new appliances, first floor, 2 car garage and the price. It is in a quiet area with a lake within walking distance. We again looked to assure are downsized belongings would fit. We decided to place an offer. Formally to be presented today to owners. We also reached out to our realtor to determine if previous individuals might still be interested in our present home at the most recent offer they presented to us. It is possible that they have another home and once again our timing may be off. I guess time will tell.


Finally laid out blocks for the 365 block challenge quilt. Will spend a little time slowly sewing these blocks together. I did notice I am one block short, so not sure we’re that block went and may have to make another block.

Pinned half of the charity quilt. Should be ready to machine quilt when the tread arrives.

Happy quilting!