Downtown Abbey-Jelly Roll Race II

I just happen across the “Downtown Abbey” series after the fourth year and fell in love with the storyline. So sad to see it end. I was inspired to do a QAL with Ebony Love about two years ago. I also loved the fabric line, but it was a little pricey for me. However I did get a jelly roll with the  colors dedicated to Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. I did the sewing a few summers ago, but recently decided to finish it up by hand quilting using the baptist fan motif. Very pleased how it turned out.

Here is today’s 365 day quilt block challenge. Need to layout and sew the 6 inch light squares in the next border. Maybe start that this week.

(Not ironed and so a bit bent…but cute block)

  1. I ordered the thread for the machine quilting of the charity quilt. “Cherry”
  2. Ordered the verigated red work cotton threat for the Allietare quilt.
  3. Ordered the wool batting also for the Allietare quilt.

Quilting hand a little sore so may need to rest it for a a few days.

On the home front…

Certainly gets interesting. We waited for a response to encounter offer, no surprise as they did not counter back. Apparently they looked at another house and yesterday decided not to pursue our home. Since these individuals have been a bit unusual not sure if this is just another ploy or something. We did look at two condos, however the one we liked a bit more had an offer, inspection pending. The other area we were interested in we looked a bit closer at present condos and it looked like they were not being maintained. Paint peeling on entry doors and weeds present in landscaping. Then we happened to stop by some house condos that we also would be interested in and a yard sale and spoke with the people. Turns out they were renting. Home was poorly constructed and not insulated well. Saturday’s the noise is from airplanes practicing take offs and landings. Also told us that the area condos were bank owned. This certainly opened our eyes and now this would be out of the running for a move to this area. Way back we had looked at a condo that is not selling, first floor and never lived in. It is just off a lake and now this one looks more attractive. So we will view it again. Also entertaining the idea to return to the individuals and maybe accept their offer. We would like to move and close this chapter. The unknown and the waiting get to be a bit stressful at times. So we will see what this coming week brings. 

Thanks for “blog” listening…happy quilting!