Beautiful day to go kayaking! While we were out on Rock Lake, got call from our realtor regarding an offer on our house. Same individual’s that out in a low ball offer about 2 months ago. I guess recent open house got them to reconsider. We decided to counter offer. Biggest issue is that they want closing to be August 26th…prior to school starting. Our issue is that currently we do not have a place to move to. We lost out on a condo back in early June. So back looking at some options, including rental of apartment northern tip of Laken Winabego. It might be a bit small, no pets and not available until October. Might mean we travel the month of September as sort of late 25th Anniversary trip. They have until tomorrow to respond. So we will see. Will look at two condos and apartment in next few days. 

Oh the challenges of selling/moving!