Yesterday we traveled to Hannah’s new apartment with Uhal filled with her possessions. She is moving to DePere, WI about 2 hrs away. We left early am and arrived. One of the kindergarten’s parents left a welcome bag with items she can use in moving in process. So thoughtful! We unloaded in about a hour. We just made her bed. She wanted to get back home due  to wedding of her roommate for the past 3 years. We dropped off the truck, a quick stop at McDonalds and we headed back. Hannah drove. It is amazing the kids now a days have no sense of direction or can read a map or even have one. Travel by car is put in destination and follow it. So we took the back roads home. My husband would never do this. So it was fun how he tried to keep quiet as she drove. So we went thru a few towns but travel time was about the same.

Her apartment is the perfect size and location. First floor was great as well. More things than when I moved out.

  1. Washer/dryer in bathroom. (No waiting for paying to do this)
  2. Heat included
  3. Gas fireplace
  4. Dishwasher/microwave
  5. Garage/ plus parking spot
  6. Exercise room

So happy for her! Today is the wedding of her friend. Actually stayed overnight with her last evening. Tomorrow she will leave early to attend the church where she will be teaching. Monday she begins in real time her job. She has been waited no for about 2 months for this to actually occur. It was nice having her around these past two months. Reality is now to let her go and let her set out on her life. Two weeks we will be present for her installation as teacher.

Today had open house. When we built our home we let our girls pick out their colors for their bedrooms.( Purple, maroon, pink.) These colors are biting us a bit as not favorites of those viewing home. They are cosmetic changes that can be made quite easily. We have a lovely country property but now ready to downsize hopefully to a condo. We have had a few interested, but…. I guess we just need to be patient for the right buyer to come along.

More hand quilting this evening!