Summer Solstice…flying geese

This is a great QAL, non mystery, but options include make your own size. I am staying on the small size. The blue is my 1 block and the other is 2×2 blocks. This installment takes us to making flying geese the quick method and less waste. Here is the link:

This morning we packed up the uhal with our eldest daughters things. She will be moving 2 hours from us to begin her teaching career 4K and 5k. She will also be moving into her first apartment. She is so excited!

It is funny the things or luxurys we provide our children. She is eating all of our “good” food as she will have to wait to buy food until her first paycheck. Everyone needs Internet and they complain how slow it is. Well she has found out that it is expensive and may hold out for now. TV…satellite/cable they taken for granted, well she thinks she will adjust to antenna if she wants to watch anything. And you know that you have to pay to wash clothes? It is free at home including detergent.

I guess we all went thru this when young. I have 3 girls and it is fun to see them come home and appreciate the things we provide. 

Hand quilting on the agenda for this evening.