Traveling flying geese table topper

During the winter I spent a great deal of time with the “Sunflower” quilters. Such a talented group of ladies. Their stash is something I dream of. Their stash is from former members, material gathered during sales with money from dues and fund raising efforts. Members do tire of their own personal stash. Having purchased a winter home I came with limited sewing supplies. The car was reserved for those essential items needed to get a house ready. These ladies shared or game me many scraps that I promised I would use in various quilt projects when I got back to Wisconsin. 

These are scraps from a member as they put together a 2014 raffle quilt. I saw the quilt and it was gorgeous. On the way home I hand sewed these blocks and today this is what it looks like. Most likely a table topper as my spouse does not understand the concept of wall hangings. I actually wanted to try out this tread for quilting as I will purchase a red for my daughter’s quilt. It is beautiful to quilt with. Was a package deal from connecting threads. 

Now I had planned to machine quilt this, my new learning project, but ran out of hand quilting purple thread so here I am hand quilting it. The border I wanted to do something different and I used a template of Lori’s who does such a great job demonstrating new quilting designs.
It is not as perfect, but that is ok. Fairly easy and fast to do and I do like it. “The Maypop leaf” is what it is called. I will repeat it on the borders. Now for something big and different over the flying geese….let’s see….maybe next time.

I love these fall colors. I don’t do a lot of green, I do like blue so this is a bit out of my usual zone. It is good for us to try something different. Again so enjoying all the new found blogs and they provide so much inspiration! Now if we had more time.