365 Challenge Block…last 6 inch block

Today was the last 6 inch block. Got to use up some scraps. This block took most of the day between some cleaning and cooking. I am hand sewing these blocks and they sure are fun. Now that the 6 inch block light color is done, I can start planning placement of the blocks. This will wait until next week after our open house and moving daughter to her new apartment. Anxious to see all these blocks around the center block and small dark 3 inch blocks.

This evening will continue my hand quilting on the Downton Abbey quilt. Looks like I will need to get another spool of thread. Will get that tomorrow evening. I have made a goal to finish this hand quilting before starting the next BIG quilting project. Maybe within the next 2 weeks.

I have added a few blogs to follow via WordPress. This is such a clean looking blog and not too busy. It is a bit refreshing to see what other quilters are up to. New and different things always provides great inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by…on to more quilting…how about you?