Inspection addendum to offer


Waited 3 days to finally get a 35 page inspection report. No real surprises. Buyers are requesting a roof specialist to determine the real condition of our 10 yr old shingles. Apparently some premature wearing. They also want specialist to inspected living room windows as they may have gas leaks from seals. So we have a few days to get these reports and decide if repairs are indicated. We have delayed the well and septic inspection should the buyers not accept whatever we decide. We have come down a great deal in price and are not willing to go lower to cover the cost of a re-shingling the roof. So we still are in limbo. Should know more by end of week.

We had a fairly successful moving sale. Several large pieces have been sold. So house is getting a little more sparce. Basement pretty much packed up except for a bit of quilting. Girls things out or packed. Garage stuff getting cleared out. So we will wait a bit before continued box packing.

My father is having carotid surgery this Wednesday so I will be headed up to be with my parents and be the driver. He is in good health so this should be a quick and easy surgery. We will of course say some prayers. Will be nice to spend some time with them. He decided to move up the surgery. 

Worked on a little hand quilting on my scrappy runner. 

Happy quilting.


Summer Solstice- half square blocks

These instructions have been up for a bit, but busy with other things. Finally got to them today. I am doing two quilts. Only will be only one block and the other will be four blocks. Did not want to bite off more than I could accomplish. I am so glad I decided on this size. Quite frankly I am tired of these blocks. Cannot imagine doing more for a larger quilt. 

I do have an inspector that comes by time to time. Mostly he is looking for my water glass for a drink and to knock it over. Whiskers is about 13 yrs old. 

Inspection of the house took place yesterday and awaiting the results. We are fearful that the buyers will have a long list of things they want done, despite that it is a 10yr old home and will not be perfect. We have kept it in great shape. This is our dream home we built so it has many personal touches. So we wait…. I did get a movie, dinner ( German sauerbraten potato dumpling , red cabbage and an old fashion drink) out of the deal. We even did some clothes shopping and then to church. Anything and everything to keep this out of our mind for the day. Our plan is not to spend a lot of money fixing the laundry list, only the most serious issues if any. So we may or may not be moving soon. Being patient as our sermon theme was last evening.

Today has been successful trying to sell items. We are moving right along in our downsizing plan. Items going to people who will put them to good use. That makes me happy.

Happy Quilting!

Hannah officially installed as 4 yr old Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher

Early morning for us to wake up for 2hr. drive to Morrison Zion Ev. Lutheran church/school. What a warm and inviting congregation they are, making us so welcome. It was a warm day but a very important day for Hannah and us. As a family we were present and her cousin and god parents were also present. The congregation served a wonderful lunch and we got to speak with many members. We saw Hannh’s classroom which she already has spent over 11 hours per day just figuring out what she had. The previous teacher had been there 20 yrs.  She still has a long way to go and also needs to plan out her school year. Apparently open house is in two weeks. A lot of purging of materials and things need to be done. Little room for storage. We were told that her classroom was the original room for the one room school years ago. Two of the window now present were the enterances for the students. Boys thru one door and girls thru the other. Luckily her room has air conditioning as does most of the school. She has tried to sort items but has so much to do. I hope that this does not overwhelm her. I guess plenty have offered help and told her to use their assistance. While she may have an idea of what she wants, she may need to settle on the important things and adjust throughout the school year. I am sure she was trained very well and will know what to do. It is those beginning steps that are often the hardest. I met several of her peer teachers and they are wonderful and so happy she was called to this school. I am sure they will be very supportive of her needs. 

Clockwise…Hannah, myself, Uncle Kevin,Aunt Patti, Dan (dad), Abigail (sister), Cherith (sister) and Seth (cousin)

Hannah will be very well loved here, so happy for her and I am sure she will be awesome at teaching God’s Word to his little lambs.

Accepted offer on Marquette Condo
The counter offers flying back and forth have now stopped as of yesterday. So we have a place to move to after accepting an offer on our home. Inspection of our home is mid week next week. Our condo is within walking distance to Lake Puckaway in Marquette, WI. It has a Wisconsin “up north” feel. We do have an ocean two person kayak and so who knows we might take up fishing. I used to do a lot of that years ago. Is apparently a good fishing lake. Anticipating this acceptance I spent the past two days going thru,sorting and packing up my quilting things. I have rediscovered some of my UFO’s. I really need to finish them :). I am keeping a machine quilting project and fabric for my 365 challenge quilt. I do need to pin my daughter’s Allietare quilt prior to moving so it is ready to hand quilt. I have about 1/4 left to pack. I have a small dresser packed with my fabric. This has worked well for me. 

Wisconsin has been very hot and humid! Heat indexes over 100. Thursday evening we had a good storm blow thru and along with it very high winds. One of our big lot line trees fell. So husband spent the day cutting and removing the tree as it fell on our front yard. Had to take breaks every 15-30 minutes due to heat and drinking lots of water.

Today working on the third side border of the 365 quilt and a bit more packing. Would like to get to Summer solstice project. I am doing two but on a small scale. 

Tomorrow off to see Hannah being installed in Morrison(Greenleaf) WI as the 4/5 Kindergarten teacher. This is her first class in her teaching career.

Happy Quilting 🙂

Accepted offer has arrived!

With offers flying and counter offers today was certainly interesting. This morning began with condo offer counter offers one remaining with seller this evening. This afternoon we got the acceptance of an offer to purchase our home. Inspection set up for next Wednesday. So things beginning to move a bit. Today was spent listing a few items for sale and going thru Christmas things. I have it narrowed down to about 3 boxes. The rest for yard sale or to our local high school resale shop. One of the boxes has my girls art work from kindergarten to 4 the grade. Since they were year after year they had many of the same projects. I took pictures and gave Hannah her’s as she might use them in some of her school projects. We will miss the views and quiet, but really is for the best if the condo works out. One day at a time. Tomorrows project will be the storage area in basement that includes my quilting stuff. Also putting some things aside for our home in AZ.

Tonight work on other border. And yes found the missing block!!!

Happy quilting!

365 Challenge Quilt grows to the left


Well as promised I spent last evening sewing the light blocks together and adding them to the center quilt. This is going to be an awesome quilt all hand sewn. This is laid out downstairs so I need to work on this daily so I don’t loose any blocks. Have not found the missing block, so may need to draft one.


We signed the counter offer and are awaiting buyers signatures due today by midnight. Should be no reason it does not go thru, but one never knows. We will know about our condo sometime tomorrow. This has gotten us going again looking at all our stuff. If this all goes thru we will be moving prior to end of August. Waiting a bit to pack up quilting stuff. I have what I want and it is sort of sorted. Today I think I will go thru the “Christmas stuff”. Ornaments will be difficult as we will not have the large Christmas tree. However want to keep a few semential items. Might need to hide those pretty good from spouse. While my daughters are not ready to get some of this stuff now there is the future. I do have one large box of their baby stuff/toys I have selected to give them in future.

Daughters will be home next 2 weekends due to Hannah’s installation into teaching and following weekend a family wedding. Then my mom turns 80 so birthday celebration that weekend. That does not leave too many weekends until potential move. But have to go step by step and not get ahead of ourselves. 

So happy quilting…for me continued downsizing possessions. 🙂

Home to home

Off the Marquette,WI to see a condo that we liked very much. Built 2 yrs ago, but housing issue let to it not being bought. So basically all new, never lived in. We are attracted to the condone to wood ceiling, granite countertops, new appliances, first floor, 2 car garage and the price. It is in a quiet area with a lake within walking distance. We again looked to assure are downsized belongings would fit. We decided to place an offer. Formally to be presented today to owners. We also reached out to our realtor to determine if previous individuals might still be interested in our present home at the most recent offer they presented to us. It is possible that they have another home and once again our timing may be off. I guess time will tell.


Finally laid out blocks for the 365 block challenge quilt. Will spend a little time slowly sewing these blocks together. I did notice I am one block short, so not sure we’re that block went and may have to make another block.

Pinned half of the charity quilt. Should be ready to machine quilt when the tread arrives.

Happy quilting!

Downtown Abbey-Jelly Roll Race II

I just happen across the “Downtown Abbey” series after the fourth year and fell in love with the storyline. So sad to see it end. I was inspired to do a QAL with Ebony Love about two years ago. I also loved the fabric line, but it was a little pricey for me. However I did get a jelly roll with the  colors dedicated to Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. I did the sewing a few summers ago, but recently decided to finish it up by hand quilting using the baptist fan motif. Very pleased how it turned out.

Here is today’s 365 day quilt block challenge. Need to layout and sew the 6 inch light squares in the next border. Maybe start that this week.

(Not ironed and so a bit bent…but cute block)

  1. I ordered the thread for the machine quilting of the charity quilt. “Cherry”
  2. Ordered the verigated red work cotton threat for the Allietare quilt.
  3. Ordered the wool batting also for the Allietare quilt.

Quilting hand a little sore so may need to rest it for a a few days.

On the home front…

Certainly gets interesting. We waited for a response to encounter offer, no surprise as they did not counter back. Apparently they looked at another house and yesterday decided not to pursue our home. Since these individuals have been a bit unusual not sure if this is just another ploy or something. We did look at two condos, however the one we liked a bit more had an offer, inspection pending. The other area we were interested in we looked a bit closer at present condos and it looked like they were not being maintained. Paint peeling on entry doors and weeds present in landscaping. Then we happened to stop by some house condos that we also would be interested in and a yard sale and spoke with the people. Turns out they were renting. Home was poorly constructed and not insulated well. Saturday’s the noise is from airplanes practicing take offs and landings. Also told us that the area condos were bank owned. This certainly opened our eyes and now this would be out of the running for a move to this area. Way back we had looked at a condo that is not selling, first floor and never lived in. It is just off a lake and now this one looks more attractive. So we will view it again. Also entertaining the idea to return to the individuals and maybe accept their offer. We would like to move and close this chapter. The unknown and the waiting get to be a bit stressful at times. So we will see what this coming week brings. 

Thanks for “blog” listening…happy quilting!

Apartment hunting?

Anticipating a potential response to our counter offer, we decided to check out some new building apartments. We took a two hour drive north to the North Shore – a peaceful, country setting near Lake Winnebago, offering luxury living just minutes from the Fox Cities. They were very nice and would seem big enough. However it is a bit far fro family and returning to help out Dan’s uncle. Also no pets. We did have a 13 yr old cat whiskers that would have to move in with one of the daughters. So this is not quite on the top of our list. Tomorrow will look at 3 condos in the area we like. Continue to wait response from potential buyers. Might be a no response. But we are ok with that as we do not have a property to move to.

Got my charity quilt back sewn and currently have it on the floor sandwiched and trendy to pin. Then set to machine quilt. Might be a good project if we need to start packing things up.

Quick update…

Beautiful day to go kayaking! While we were out on Rock Lake, got call from our realtor regarding an offer on our house. Same individual’s that out in a low ball offer about 2 months ago. I guess recent open house got them to reconsider. We decided to counter offer. Biggest issue is that they want closing to be August 26th…prior to school starting. Our issue is that currently we do not have a place to move to. We lost out on a condo back in early June. So back looking at some options, including rental of apartment northern tip of Laken Winabego. It might be a bit small, no pets and not available until October. Might mean we travel the month of September as sort of late 25th Anniversary trip. They have until tomorrow to respond. So we will see. Will look at two condos and apartment in next few days. 

Oh the challenges of selling/moving!

Faith Tibits

Colossians 3:12-17
12 As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. 13Bear with one another and, if anyone has a complaint against another, forgive each other; just as the Lord* has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. 14Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. 15And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be thankful. 16Let the word of Christ* dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom; and with gratitude in your hearts sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God.* 17And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

We are chosen by God, (as we put on our clothes).. We are provided fruits of the Holy Spirit..( compassion, kindness, humility,meekness, and patience). We put up with each other, forgiving others. Christians are part of the “body” which is the Christian Church. In church we as Christians sing psalms ( giving thanks to God),and hymns ( strengthen each other thru joint singing). So as we enter the world daily we where these clothes so all see us and our faith in Christ Jesus.

This is a beautiful lesson for all.

God’s Blessings…

Flimsy of Hello Kitty & Dogs

Kayaking did not work out due to storms, so finished this quilt top. I love it. I was planning on red binding, but now leaning to a black print I have in my stash. Spent about another hour with the scraps to try to put together the back. Will get to the today.

I did want to credit the quilt designer: Pat Speth, 1998, Davenport, Iowa.

Block size is 16 inches, make from 5 inch square. Pattern is in her book “Nickle Quilts…great designs from 5 inch scraps”

Hand quilting very productive last evening. I have about 2 more quilting motifs to do! Picture to come..

Have a great day!

Hello Kitty & Dogs…

Yesterday just finished the blocks for this quilt. I picked out these fabrics from Sunflower quilters giveaway fabrics. I used the guilds new Accu go cutter to cut out the blocks and strips. So pleased with the appearance. I worked on two blocks a day, but yesterday did four blocks to finish up. I also had started with the scraps from the cutter making scrap vortex blocks for the backing. I think I will have enough fabric. This will be a charity quilt for Aviva in Tucson.

Will plan on sewing the rows tomorrow. Side strips and backing in next week. Need to put some of the light blocks together for my 365 day challenge quilt. Have to find a spot to layout all the blocks as they are 6 inches.

Continued some hand quilting on my Downton Abbey quilt. May get it done in the next few days. Had purchased some black fabric for binding.

It is warm and very humid here in Wisconsin. Today we (spouse-Dan)plan on doing some kayaking at a near by lake. Have not had the chance to go with everything going on. We will have to get it in between some showers.

Have fun today!