Faith snippet…

I believe this is how I conducted myself in my career in nursing. How I loved to care for all my patients over the years. Often it was during difficult times. I have also learned many life lessons from them in return. Oh how the world has changed and continues to change. We sometimes just shake our heads. But we know that God is in control and has a plan.


Shadow Quilt – Just Finished


IMG_7701 Quilt Top

Just finished! Label and all. Took the better part of three days to quilt all the blocks. What I like about this embroidery is that it fills the block completely. In fact, after I pin basted the layers, I didn’t stitch in the ditch to tie the top / batting / backing together. I left the pins in and simply embroidered each block – 48 blocks, plus the borders (24 repeats) and corners (4). I used a 200 x 200 quilting hoop for the blocks, the grand endless hoop for the borders – I love using the endless hoop because I don’t have to remove the hoop from the machine, just move the quilt edge along after each embroidery (once I figure out where I want to position it for the placement I’m after). The borders go very quickly.

IMG_7703 Quilt Back

The backing started out with 2 1/2″…

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