New blogging site

New Beginning

I have been looking over this new format of blogging and thought I would try it out. I seems a bit more cleaner which I like. I have been retired now a little more than a year from my nursing career. My three girls are in the process of moving out and we are looking to down size our home. This month I will be celebrating my 25 year wedding anniversary to my wonderful and loving husband Dan. We are in the process of selling our dream home in the country which we built to downsize to a log cabin or condo. Last year we purchased a home in Marana AZ to spend the winter months. This year from January to April was our first time spending time in that home and we loved it. We have picked up pickleball and that is our new activity. So future home in WI will need to be close to pickleball courts.

So here is to posting on a new blog!