A little of this and that

So many great quilt patterns. Don’t we all fall victim to trying them out? 

I admit to being a Bonnie Hunter follower. I love her scrap attitude and the multiple of quilt block designs. I have been addicted to her “Wild and Goosey.” Now a new block “Garlic Knots.” So had some material sitting by and the right size to try out the block. I recently got a new sewing machine so still getting used to a new feel for the 1/4 inch seams. Anyway the block went together quite well and was very pleased with the outcome. I could see this maybe in fabrics I use I. This years quilts or upcoming QAL’s. We will see.

Then came my charity blocks. This is material from my winter friends in Sunflower Quilters in Marana,AZ. They sew quilts for Aviva. They give quilts to children in foster care. This will be my first quilt for this wonderful organization.

I am trying to do 2-4 blocks per week. I currently have 6 blocks done and 2 in process. These have a great look and can be turned different ways. I do have some left over fabric for some other blocks in the quilt. Not sure if they will be a center or a border. We are currently showing the home and I have to keep my sewing area somewhat clean.

Finally a year long QAL challenge…356 blocks in a year. This is a great QAL and very unique blocks. I am hand sewing them as the first part of the year I was in AZ without a sewing machine. So it is a bit more time for me, but enjoying it. First few moths were dark 3 inch blocks, then center and recently just fished up 6 inch light blocks. Now back to the 3 inch dark blocks. My fabrics are totally from scratch. Finished these 2 this evening. 

You can join this challenge anytime. She will run it again next year. Totally recommend it!

Tomorrow is yard sale so will be busy with that. Might be able to find something to hand quilt during that time.

We have someone that might be interested in our home, will wait to see if we get an offer.

Thanks for dropping by!


Faith snippet…

I believe this is how I conducted myself in my career in nursing. How I loved to care for all my patients over the years. Often it was during difficult times. I have also learned many life lessons from them in return. Oh how the world has changed and continues to change. We sometimes just shake our heads. But we know that God is in control and has a plan.

Shadow Quilt – Just Finished


IMG_7701 Quilt Top

Just finished! Label and all. Took the better part of three days to quilt all the blocks. What I like about this embroidery is that it fills the block completely. In fact, after I pin basted the layers, I didn’t stitch in the ditch to tie the top / batting / backing together. I left the pins in and simply embroidered each block – 48 blocks, plus the borders (24 repeats) and corners (4). I used a 200 x 200 quilting hoop for the blocks, the grand endless hoop for the borders – I love using the endless hoop because I don’t have to remove the hoop from the machine, just move the quilt edge along after each embroidery (once I figure out where I want to position it for the placement I’m after). The borders go very quickly.

IMG_7703 Quilt Back

The backing started out with 2 1/2″…

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Strawberry fest…another viewing of our home.

It has been a few weeks since the excitement of an offer on our home, but after many counter offers it did not go thru. We had a scheduled showing yesterday but that was cancelled. This morning another showing, but we had planned on going to Cederburg for Strawberry fest. We had a pretty severe storm last night with close to 2 inches of rain. Cloudy and warm this morning. Not the best day for a showing, but we will see how that goes. A little more interest in the property this past week. We continue to keep an eye out for potential condo’s to move to. 

The festival had good food. Bottle of strawberry wine, wraps, sundae and short cake for food. Music was good, Bobby Way and the Wayouts. We have seen them several times. Had some different songs this time. We took our own lawn chairs and set up near the river and under the shade which was perfect and the sun came out and it became very warm.

Fun watching the gymnastics and swimming competitions for the Olympic teams. Rio is less than 50 days.

Time to organize.

It is a sunny hot and humid day today. I have finished my hand sewing quilt block of the day. So…today decided to go thru the many quilt projects I have saved in a few different places. Trying to organize them a bit more and eliminating those I would never do. While I have a lot of fabric stashed away, would like to make more quilts for charity. All of my girls have at least two quilts. I have a full size quilt to hand quilt shortly so it can be done by next May for graduation. Will order the wool batting end of this month along with quilting tread to match. I have several quilting designs in mind, but we will see which ones will win. 

Now I will need to focus on projects I have saved and avoid the temptation of new projects that always look so enticing.

Summer Solstice…QAL

Not that I need anymore projects….don’t we all say that….but wanted to try this one out. It is spaced out enough that I can keep up with my other projects. I have some beautiful fabrics one in blue and other in pink/mauve that I wanted to use. This project is perfect for them. 

Here is the link to the QAL: http://www.happyquiltingmelissa.com/2016/06/summer-solstice-quilt-long-schedule.html

I decided to do the 1×1 in a blue with blue background. Blue is my favorite color and I think this could be hung anywhere.

The pink one I will do as a 2×2. I have just enough pink fabric from previous project that works well here. I will use the tradition white background. Maybe this one I will do some fancy quilting.

 I am also working on a charity quilt and trying to do two blocks a day. I have everything pre-cut and trendy to go. This will be a cute girls quilt when I return to Sunflower in January.

Always like to have a few different projects to work on….:)

Allietare mixed with Wild &Goosey

Allietare is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery earlier this year. Some of the left over blocks went into this table topper. Wild & Goosey is also from Bonnie and a paper piecing pattern. I love these colors together. This mystery quilt when completed will be for my daughter as a college graduation present. Red is her favorite color and even has some Badger material in the quilt. 

This was machine pieced and hand quilted/blinded. 

Last week’s project was some of these cute little purses to hold cell phone and essential things. Pattern and material was from the Sunflower quilters group. They are quite addicting once you do one.

I had some left over string fabrics with bright colors. I have always wanted to try Bonnie Hunters string blocks using telephone phone books. Guess what….these are also addictive. I am thinking I will do a quilt with these and maybe something with some if my stash fabric strings.

Here is to a great beginning this week!

“Who framed the fish?”- charity quilt for Avivia 

This past winter I had the wonderful prevailge to join the Sunflower Quilters group in Marana AZ. They are a talented group, taking fabrics, inspiration and making quilts for Aviva. This group gives a quilt, bag and pillowcase to foster children. Upon leaving AZ for the summer I was given many scraps and this is my first completed quilt top. I loved the fish fabric and wanted to use it as a center block. I came across a “garden fence block” by Connie Kresin.


The quilt is 55×55 with 10 inch unfinished blocks. Once I get the back together I will machine quilt it.
My Singer Quantum machine died, so I got a replacement …Brother Cs6000i. The only thing I am missing is the automatic thread cutter. We will see how machine quilting will go.

New blogging site

New Beginning

I have been looking over this new format of blogging and thought I would try it out. I seems a bit more cleaner which I like. I have been retired now a little more than a year from my nursing career. My three girls are in the process of moving out and we are looking to down size our home. This month I will be celebrating my 25 year wedding anniversary to my wonderful and loving husband Dan. We are in the process of selling our dream home in the country which we built to downsize to a log cabin or condo. Last year we purchased a home in Marana AZ to spend the winter months. This year from January to April was our first time spending time in that home and we loved it. We have picked up pickleball and that is our new activity. So future home in WI will need to be close to pickleball courts.

So here is to posting on a new blog!